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Currently, one third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives; many will face chronic obesity-related health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, liver disease, and asthma. As a result, this may be the first generation where the life expectancy of our children is shorter than their parents.

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In addition to the personal suffering, we spend approximately $160 billion annually in obesity - related medical cost. The expense is expected to double by as early as 2018. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; more than 75 percent of health care costs in the United States are attributed to preventable chronic conditions. New, innovative solutions that more effectively increase the healthy activity levels of US families are critical in developing a healthier nation. How critical? According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, the obesity epidemic in the U.S. will eventually bankrupt the nation if left unchecked.


 The Parent Challenge

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Most agree that good health begins at home with the parent ultimately responsible for the healthy development of the family. More than ever before they must prepare their children to live healthy in a world with increasing sedentary lifestyles and heavily marketed “junk food” availability. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced environment where an abundance of conflicting information can be overwhelming and even misleading, a parent’s best intentions can sometimes go unrealized. The Healthy Rewards Club makes family health and fitness creation fun and more purposeful!


The Healthy Rewards Club Solution


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The Healthy Rewards Club is a web based parental tool that effectively motivates, tracks, and rewards 5210 family activity. The family, working together, get "Health Points" for their 5210 activity that are converted into multiple product and service discounts from both local and national merchants (including BJ's Wholesale Club, Costco, Disneyland Resorts, Jazzersize, Target, and hundreds more). The discounts are earned in a game type format. The platform includes an evidence based healthy activity tracking system, real time promotional discount progress reports that provide ongoing positive reinforcement, a web based education center where family members can conveniently find additional evidence based resources, and an major social media presence. Administrators have the ability to track, in aggregate form, the healthy activity levels of all 5210 users as an effective way to gage current and future messaging.

The Healthy Rewards Club is based on  the generations proven concept of giving a child an allowance for doing chores. With the Healthy Rewards Club, the parent gives the child rewards for healthy activity. Giving positive reinforcement for healthy activity develops positive, longterm attitudes and  habits for living healthy lifestyles. Parents get rewarded with product and service discounts that more than cover the cost of the Healthy Rewards Club membership fee. Everybody wins!


Click Here To View 5210 Everyday Introductory Video

The 5210 Everyday Message

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Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the evidence based 5210 Everyday message is used by organizations throughout the US as an effective way to provide a simple, clear, guide to healthy living.


                                                                                                                Healthy Activity Tracker

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Each family member gets their own personal web page where they choose parent approved discounted products or services as their goals/rewards. When the family as a whole earns their pre-determined health point totals, each member can “cash in” their rewards while choosing new goals.


The Rewards

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The Healthy Rewards Club offers over two hundred thousand local and national merchant discounts across the entire US for healthy 5210 activity. Families are given a free 30 day trial to enjoy the healthy living benefits then pay a small monthly membership fee to continue their Healthy Rewards Club lifestyle. The larger, longterm reward is good health, absence of disease, and increased quality of life!


It's for Everybody

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 Of course, individuals and couples can get rewarded for their healthy activity too!

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