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New Way Fitness is a Virginia health and fitness consulting firm with decades of experience developing effective child and parent focused health and fitness products and services. Some of our accomplishments include:    

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   The Life for Kids Mobile Health and Fitness Programs 

For the past 24 years, NewWayFitness T/A Life for Kids, has been converting school buses into mobile gyms that travel to schools and child development centers where their enrolled children take part in movement based health and fitness classes. NewWayFitness has operated successful gym bus operations in central and northern Virginia, southern Maryland, St. Louis Missouri, and Shreveport, Louisiana. In the past, Life for Kids has focused mainly on affluent centers and schools since the parent has to pay for our services. We are expanding our focus to include those that most likely need early childhood health and fitness education the most, underserved populations.


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 The Physical Activity Reward System or P.A.R.S. web based family program guarantees increases in physical activity or decreases in sedentary viewing time without constant parent intervention. P.A.R.S. sends signals from the computer through the walls electrical wiring to control modules located between the electrical outlet and the viewing screen that keeps the electricity from flowing to the viewing screen in its normal state. The participant is then required to "bank" physical activity time in order to watch TV or play video games with the amount of viewing time proportionate to the amount of physical activity.


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     School Running Program

While serving as the Physical Education and Athletic Director, the NewWayFitness Founder developed and implemented a successful, multi-year running program.

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  NewWayFitness is a member of the Health Weight Foundation:


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 Mike Heppert – Founder and CEO (Chief Education Officer)

Heppert is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. Degree in Health and Physical Education (Honors); a Master’s of Education Degree in Administration and Supervision and was certified to develop health and fitness programs by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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 Heppert serves on the Board of the 501 c 3 Chesterfield County based Coalition for Active Children or COACH. 

















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