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"We currently have millions of sedentary and obese children who will turn into unhealthy adolescents and then develop any number of expensive to treat chronic diseases earlier in adulthood, who we'll manage to keep alive for many years through modern medicine. If we don't implement more effective chronic disease prevention, it's going to bankrupt the country!" Mike Heppert, Founder

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"We are either on a path to disease or on a path to optimal health, but not both. We live in an obesogenic world, surrounded by nutrition polution and sedentary lifestyles but can make a difference and it starts with you. If our health is our greatest asset, isn't it time that we made a decision and took the steps to start on a path to health? If you won't do it for you, please do it for your family!" Paul (Joey) Stone - VP of Business Development

Past Business Experience   

NewWayFitness and its sister company Life for Kids have spent the past two decades converting school buses into mobile gyms that travel to child care centers to provide health and fitness classes to each centers children. At its peak, the company was operating successful gym bus operations in central Virginia, northern Virginia, southern Maryland, and licensed operations in St. Louis, Mo. and Shreveport, La.   

In conjunction with the Virginia Biotechnical Research Park, the company developed the Physical Activity Reward System - P.A.R.S. - a software system that rewards healthy activity and can safely turn off the flow of electricity to designated TVs and video consoles in the home, requiring children and teens to collect and bank physically activity time to turn them back on. 

NewWayFitness LLC 

Founder: Mike Heppert

VP of Business Development: Paul (Joey) Stone

Board Member: Dale Austin - CFO - Patient First 


Dr. Ted Abernathy - MD - Pediatrician 

Joseph Crowley - PHD - Clinical Psychology


Heppert: Board Member - The Coalition for Active Children (COACH), a Chesterfield County based not for profit serving central Virginia through its 5210 initiative.  


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