What Adults Can Learn from Children

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Go to almost any children’s playground and what do you see and hear? Typically smiling, happy, faces mixed in with ongoing laughter. Go to any corporate wellness gym and what do you see and hear? All too often it’s a serious look with occasional frowns and grimaces and even a bit of moaning and groaning.

Why do adults have to "workout" instead of having fun"? Did the "fitness police" dictate that adults have to "exercise" while children get to “play”? Nope, way too many times we make that decision on our own. What are the consequences?

Since we cannot store fitness, physical activity becomes an ongoing, lifetime, process. If two people are engaged in physical activity and one is making fun a priority while the other is focused on keeping up their intensity and duration levels, which is more likely to look forward to the next physical activity session? Which one is more likely to be doing the same two years from now?

At what age do we have to stop playing and begin working out? The answer is that there is no such age. It’s simply a mental choice we make. To my fellow wellness providers, maybe this is one area where we should go back to thinking like children. For the millions of Americans who know “exercise” is good for them but don’t do it on a regular basis, ditch the “workout/exercise” mentality. Let’s play!




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