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We are asking for your input as we develop out the final version of the Healthy Rewards Club. Please review the information below, and then complete the short survey by following the link at the bottom of this page. As a way of saying thanks, we'll extend your Healthy Rewards Club free trial membership from 30 to 60 days. Thank you!    ScreenHunter 02 Feb. 27 08.02

 The Healthy Rewards Club gives parents and their families a fun, simple to understand, easy to use, everyday guide to healthy living. 

 Best of all, everyone gets rewarded for their healthy activity!  

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The Click on the photo (video) above to learn more abouth the Healthy Rewards Club! 

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 Individuals and couples can play too! ScreenHunter 02 Feb. 27 08.02

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The Healthy Rewards Club uses 5210 Everyday, a set of four simple everyday goals that help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle. 

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Click on the photo (video) above to learn more about 5210 Everyday! 

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Click Scientific Rational logo above to view the Scientific Rational for 5210.

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With the Healthy Rewards Club, families work together to earn enough "Health Points" for each family member to choose a discount of their choice.

Plus one discount for the entire family!

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Click Deals logo to view the complete selection of product and service discounts!

(Be patient, it's slow loading due to more than 300,000 discount deals.)

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 Here's how it works

The Healthy Rewards Club Registration 

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By registering you (and your entire family) will receive a free 30-day trial membership that includes unlimited participation in the Healthy Rewards Club. The Healthy Rewards Club is a fun way to track healthy activity and earn multiple product and service discounts on products and services that you select. ScreenHunter 02 Feb. 27 08.02

Each Healthy Rewards Club member gets their own personal page where they enter their healthy activity, track individual and family progress, and redeem their rewards. There is even a Resource Center where members get rewarded for keeping up with the latest in health and fitness.

  Personal Page


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Great News for Companies and Governments

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The Healthy Rewards Club helps companies and governments motivate their employees and employee families to healthy, active lifestyles by offering them the option of purchasing the low cost Healthy Rewards Club as a way to create health and significant savings on selected product and service purchases. At no cost to the company, most welcome the opportunity to provide added motivation for healthy family activity as a way to reduce health care costs and absenteeism, while increasing employee health, worker productivity, morale, and the company’s bottom.

  The Healthy Rewards Club is still in the development phase and we would like to know what you think. Complete the short survey by clicking the link below and, as a way of saying thanks, we’ll increase your free trial to 60 days!




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